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Yiddish Sex Talk

Have you ever wondered how you might say â??quickieâ?%9D in Yiddish? Or maybe â??sugar daddyâ?%9D or â??one-night standâ?%9D?

You wouldnâ??t be the first.

In 60 years of researching the Yiddish language, linguist Mordkhe Schaechter collected vocabulary on every aspect of human life and developed vocabulary lists for many specialized subjects not covered in detail by regular dictionaries. He published glossaries like â??Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Early Childhood: An English-Yiddish Dictionaryâ?%9D (1991) and â??Plant Names in Yiddish: A Handbook of Botanical Terminologyâ?%9D (2005). Among the many subjects his research covered was one that has been mostly left out of Yiddish lexicography â?? sex.

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