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Yes, they can: call center employs the disabled

Yes, they can: Israeli call center employs the disabled A unique business empowers people with a range of disabilities to succeed in the workplace that traditionally shunned them. Call Yachol ( is a one-of-a-kind Israeli call center employing 180 Jewish and Arab disabled adults. In Hebrew, the name means "Everyone Can." Psychologist Gil Winch, founder of the venture, says there is no reason for these employees' mental or physical limitations to keep them from excelling on the job. But most have suffered from being shunned by mainstream employers and lack self-confidence in their potential. Up to 90 percent of severely disabled adults face chronic unemployment. Winch implemented a parent-based management model where workers are given affection and have scheduled time for team fun. The unusual arrangement has garnered interest from people in several countries looking to replicate the idea. Now based Rishon Lezion, future Call Yachol centers are planned for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Downloads: Video: - 110131b: Yes, they can Hi Res: - 110131b: Yes, they can Hi Res no Voice: - 110131b: Yes, they can Streaming: - 110131b: Yes, they can Streaming No Voice: Documents: - 110131b: Yes, they can INTRO: - 110131b: Yes, they can SCRIPT: Please credit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel for any use of this video
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