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Why Did Arab Spring Revolt Fail in Gulf States? Regimes Change to Avert Revolution

The Arab spring, witnessed in many Arab countries in the Arab region, why did it fail to take off in the Gulf states, are there any demands for reform? And, is there a desire for a radical change? When we speak of radical change , we talk about the minority's desire for reform, not the massive majority. In the Arab republics, a number of factorsâ??including the deification of the ruler, hereditary rule, widespread corruption, the deteriorating economic situation and the obvious lack of justiceâ??all led to the uprising of the majority against those regimes. Another major factor behind the lesser risk of the Arab Spring spreading to the Gulf States is the economic situation. The Gulf States responded to what they believed was an economic challenge from Arab Spring by addressing the financial situation of all groups of people. Salaries were raisedâ??some were doubledâ??neglected or delayed development projects were revived, food aid was even given to citizens. These measures relieved the economic pressure on large portions of the population in those states, and thereby prevented it from becoming a potential source of outcry. The fever of the Arab Spring Revolution has impacted all Arab states in one form or another, wither it was a plague or the dawn of a new reign, then the gulf states are both immune to it & the current circumstances are reformed and do not need a regime change. There is no distress in the economic situation, the union rulership of all Gulf states appears to ...
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