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Where Is The Money? [EXPLICIT] -- Julian Hoeber -- MOCA U -- MOCAtv

Horror is inherently linked to the real, as elucidated in Julian Hoeber's masterful video composition, Where Is the Money? Written and directed by Hoeber, the video's form plays reflexively with genre as American radio journalist Barbara Bogaev's polished, emotionally neutral narration moderates the violent imagery and politics of the low-budget horror movies that are the subject of this work. Where Is the Money? Begins with Gustav Courbet's Burial at Ornans (1850). Courbet's painting was a turning point in French 19th century painting because it was a realistic and unflattering depiction of a peasant funeral rendered in a scale usually reserved for religious and heroic paintings -- "it was a new idea of what could be shown in a picture at all." Using Ornans as a jumping-off point, Where is the Money? is a gripping examination of the relationship between fear, poverty, and the real in low-budget, avant-garde, and blockbuster horror films of the 20th century ---- including Un Chien Andalou, The Last House on the Left, Scream, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel, and the Exorcist. Hoeber expands on the idea that the primary horror of post-9/11 cinema comes in the form of Americans tortured by vengeful and impoverished third-world nations..., while unglossed and genuine representations of American poverty remain largely absent because the current economic crisis is perhaps too horrific and too real for us to deal with. Written and Directed by Julian Hoeber Narrated by ...
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