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Weapon Enthusiast

Weapon Enthusiast Touch It Instrumental by Busta Rhymes LYRICS do you know how to count? well let me get the 12 gauge kill 1/3 of your country like the bubonic plague dont lift weights but the m16 has iron sights dont play dumb, you people die tonight under the bed with a saw dont cry now finish him cut you in half like kung lao tie you up and snap your legs at the joints meezland is making hits and expanding like hollow points we win some and we lose some rpg in your job thats heavy income men are the Y chromosome you will learn thats why the x was a complete waste of sperm xx and xy fall over and die your perception is off like having one eye cut your skin off and put it on a saddle put the saddle on a horse and ride your carcass into battle she gave me head on the wall i call her taxidermist guns in my backpack grenades in my thermos weapon enthusiast sniping you through the mist this led you will hit and trust me i wont miss this rap is on the darkside like the sith wipe you off the grid so fast youll become a myth leave you in the dirt in your backyard like homegrown drive by in a tank, 50 cals through your home leave you scared in the house like home alone cut your phone lines, leave a message at the tone call me avatar i make bullets rain sideways have you looking at your guts hangin out, like fridays custom modded desert eagle its full auto i only aim once nigga thats the freakin motto pay attention while i throw these tomahawks i got weapons so deadly they can ...
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