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We will NEVER recognize israel.

Lam na tali fada Israel! There can be no Peace until the zionist occupiers leave Philistine and go back to Europe. Why don't they commit genocide on the Germans? What did the Palestinians have to do with the holocaust? Would you try and make peace with home invading thieves and murderers who were raping your mother and sisters at gunpoint, then killed your father before bulldozing your house to the ground before forcing you off your property with nothing but the clothes on your back? How do you reaon with such criminals? How do you have peace talks with a tyrant? When the Jews fought the Nazi's in the Warsaw ghettos they were called heroes, when the Palestinians fight for their very existence they are called terrorists? Ask yourself, who is the terrorist? If we as human beings do not do something now there will not be a single one left to save. This is a country where middle age is 15 years old! They are innocent children being ethnically "cleansed". BOYCOTT ISRAELI Products! Tell your congressman, email the President. Send Israeli soldiers letters explaining what they are doing is ironic, WRONG, and tell them WHY it is WRONG!
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