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Visual theater troupe

Clipa, Israel's visual theater troupe Dance, design and music get mixed with theatrics in Clipa's signature style, enjoyed by international festival-goers across the world. Language barriers are irrelevant to audiences enjoying theatrical productions staged by Israel's award-winning Clipa ( visual theater troupe. Mixing theater, dance, design and music, Clipa has been wowing viewers since 1995. Co-founder Idit Herman says: "What we did was just what we knew how to do and what we wanted to do. We didn't call it by name. Years passed and a style was created. This merging between dance, theater, music, art [and] plastic art created a style, which you call today Clipa Theater." In 2007, Clipa began a bi-annual, international visual arts festival to encourage other Israeli artists to experiment with different modes of theater. Its ensemble appears at international festivals across Europe and Asia, and will be featured at the 50th annual Israel Festival from ( May 23 to June 18 in Jerusalem. DOWNLOADS: VIDEO: - HiRes: - HiRes No Narration: - Streaming: - Streaming No Narration: DOCUMENTS: - INTRO: - SCRIPT: Key Words: Clipa Theater, visual theater, Israeli artists, international festival, Israel Festival, Jerusalem. Please credit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel for any use of these videos
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