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Virginia Couple's Booming Kosher Whiskey Distillery: Warehouse Tour of the Harris' Business

All good businesses need a niche, a particular part of the market they can exploit to make the most of their product. And that's exactly what a husband and wife team have done here in Virginia in a warehouse not much bigger than an over-sized garage. They're producing one of the most successful kosher products on the east coast of America. A business built on barrels and bottles inspired by a life-long passion. After years of working with chemicals and computers Becky and Scott Harris wanted to pour their energy into something different. Their love of whiskey prompted them to start their own business making the liquor they loved. These two non-Jews wanted to make an organic, natural product. The idea to go kosher came later - pointed out by Jewish friends who saw great potential for kosher spirits in an under-served market. For a distillery that means keeping their machinery free of any non-kosher grape wine, and a once-a-year deep-clean and inspection. To make sure their finished product met the right kosher standards they had to distill the facts. Although the rye they use is by definition kosher they had to ensure the process of making it into alcohol kept it clean. So they consulted Jewish texts and even went back to basics reading through Leviticus and Deuteronomy to ensure what was coming out was as clean as what had gone in. Boiling down the facts to learn about kashrut. Their rabbinical certification and the Star K mark are boosting business along the east coast ...
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