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Unexpected fame for Ilana Goor

The Jaffa museum the Israeli artist calls home has been termed 'an artistic jungle' for its wide variety of items. On the shores of the Mediterranean, in the old city of Jaffa, sits the Ilana Goor Museum devoted to the works of this internationally acclaimed Israeli artist, who also lives here. There are over 300 pieces of Goor's sculptures, jewelry and furniture, plus an eclectic collection of art from Israel and around the world. The museum has been called an artistic jungle because the mix of styles is mind-boggling. "Actually, the museum is more popular than me," Goor claims. "I never planned to open an Ilana Goor Museum. Never in my life." The building housing her collection was constructed in 1740 as the first Jewish hostel for pilgrims to the Holy Land. In 1995, Goor moved in and turned it into her very own living museum. "Nothing close to it exists, nowhere. Why? I am alive, and I pay attention to every little knob, to every little hole. Sometimes I'm so surprised that I own it." With its abundance of museums and art galleries, Israel has plenty to offer art lovers. But there's something truly special about seeing modern art in this ancient port city of Jaffa. Music by Ran Bagno Visit the MFA's Social Media Channels: Facebook - Twitter - Find us on Instagram: @IsraelMFA @StateofIsrael Please creadit the MFA for any use of this video.
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