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USA would-be bomber considered other targets

According to police, the Bangladeshi man accused of trying to bomb the Federal Reserve Bank in New York considered other targets, including President Barack Obama and the New York Stock Exchange. Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis had attempted to detonate what he thought was a 1000-pound car bomb outside the bank building, but it was a fake, planted by FBI agents who had been monitoring him. The FBI as well as the New York City Police Department were involved almost from the beginning of the plot, something experts say is a new trend among law enforcement agencies. Karen Greenberg, Fordham University: "What's different here, and has been different in the past couple of years, is the willingness of the authorities, or the desire of the authorities, to let the criminal defendant play out the crime to the very end, to where they actually place and are willing to detonate the bomb." Some have accused law enforcement teams of entrapment, a charge police deny, explaining that the suspect picked his own target and adding that police prevented what could have been a deadly attack. NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly: "Entrapment is a defence in a prosecution. Obviously it's been raised many times in cases like this and it has not prevailed. You have to be otherwise not disposed to do an event, or do a crime, and if it's your intent to do a crime, and somehow there are means made available, generally speaking the entrapment defence does not succeed." Nafis has been in the US on a ...
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