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US denies bilateral agreement with Tehran

The White House has denied a report by the New York Times quoting anonymous administrative officials that Iran has agreed to hold one-on-one negotiations over its nuclear program, which many Western nations believe aims to produce and atomic bomb. A spokesman for the US National Security Council said that Washington was continuing diplomatic efforts alongside other members of the UN Security Council and warned that Tehran could face more economic sanctions if it did not curb its nuclear ambitions. The New York Times claimed that the agreement dated back to the beginning of President Barack Obama's mandate, but Iranian officials have reportedly said that no bilateral talks would take place until after the US presidential election next month. Jerusalem has expressed relief that its closest ally is not looking to reignite talks with Iran, after previous rounds failed to achieve results. Israel has been losing patience with the Obama administration's perceived reticence to take strong action against Tehran. Israeli Minister for Diplomatic Affairs, Yuli Edelstein: "I was glad to hear that the White House fiercely denies the publication in the New York Times as far as the negotiations directly with Iran are concerned. I think that we've witnessed a lot of attempts by Iran to earn more time in order for them to develop further their nuclear ability. And I sincerely hope that the world will think about strict sanctions and not another round of fruitless negotiations." The Iranian ...
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