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US President Obama Refuses to Back Israeli Strike on Iran's Nuclear Program: Yediot Achronot Says

Israel's most widely read newspaper Yediot Achronot is reporting that US President Barak Obama has sent a clear message to Iran that the US does not plan on following Israel into a war if it unilaterally strikes the Islamic Republic. Through diplomatic back channels, President Obama reportedly indicated the US will not join the fighting and that it expects Iran in turn to refrain from attacking any US military bases in the Gulf. Both Israel and the US are not commenting on the report, but some analysts here say it's another move designed to warn and dissuade Israel from taking any military action to stop Iran's nuclear program. It's a move that some say sends the wrong message to Iranian leaders... Taking the threat of a US military strike off the table -- even if Israel strikes on its own -- is a mistake according to Political Science Prof. Eytan Gilboa. Sanctions and diplomacy will only get the Iranians to stop their nuclear program, Gilboa believes, if they are coupled with the credible threat of a military attack. Israel's Prime Minister and many other officials agree with Gilboa. Jerusalem has been urging Washington for months to rachet up its rhetoric and flex its military muscle. The results have been mixed. The Obama Administration has talked about the military option, but has preferred to push for a diplomatic solution on Iran, especially with a Presidential election around the corner in November... Many in Israel believe its time for President Obama to change ...
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