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US Elections - Israeli Americans Dissatisfied With Results - "Obama Harsh And Strict"

While Barack Obama and his supporters at home and abroad are celebrating his return to the White House, the reaction in one Middle Eastern country is less enthusiastic. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had openly backed Obama's rival Mitt Romney during the election campaign, and only sent the president a short message of congratulations. The often public spats between Netanyahu's government and the Obama administration over Palestinian peace talks and Iran's nuclear program did nothing to advance US-Israeli relations and only unmasked the two leaders' personal dislike for each other. "We are the junior partner in this relationship, both men want to succeed, they need to co-operate in order to succeed and I think it's not an insurmountable challenge for Netanyahu to fix the relationship", says Itamar Rabinovich, former Israeli Ambassador to the US. Relations between Israel and the US are at an all time low, and most Israeli Americans were also hedging their bets on the Republican candidate. Of the roughly 80000 who voted from Israel, four in five voted Romney. People got up early to watch the result. The pressing issue now is what does Obama's victory mean for Israel's foreign policy. After all, Netanyahu saw in Romney an ally, with whom he agreed on most issues including stopping Iran's nuclear program. Netanyahu is trying to convince the world to strike Iran -- a position Obama until now has not supported. The question is will Israel go it alone? Yiftah Shapir ...
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