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Tunisia Gets Financial Aid from European Union: Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali Visits Brussels

Recently Hamadi Jebali the prime minister of tunisia visited Brussels to meet with the European Commissions President Jose Manuel Barroso to discuss the financial aid that Europe is going to be giving Tunisia for its hoped for transition to democracy . Now this a continuation of funding that Europe has been giving countries like Egypt and Tunisia post what was popularly known as the Arab Spring. We went out onto the streets of Brussels to ask people what they thought about Europe giving financial aid to countries that have Islamic groups in government? The European Union has agreed to give Tunisia 25 million euros over the next four years. This money is intended to directly fund Tunisia's judiciary system in hopes of strengthening it and making it more independent of outside influences. So should conditions be set for how financial aid is spent? It's clear from this recent financial package to Tunisia that europe still has hopes for the emmergence of democracies for the arab spring countries, but whats not yet clear is whether these hopes will come to fruition something that can only be told with time. Robin Creswell, JN1, Brussels.
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