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Trotta - JEWS IN PARIS (Niggas In Paris Remix- PARODY)

Jews In Paris. Niggaz in Paris Parody! Listen to the words..Youll love it. LYRICS: Yo pray so hard that Gd wanna sign me Yeah Gd wan sign me whats 50 million to hashem the almighty please remind me eat so much that shit cray, shwarma in a lafa thats all day kosher torah keepin mitvot and behavin ball so hard like its friday night, sundown candle light i need a break take a rest , take stress off my chest pray so hard just like rebbi breakin the glass just like the weddings, keep a keepa on my head thats what i do, cuz ima jew pray so hard my siddur faded jews we work for 6 days then we stop look at the clock almost shabbat so we shave aha ye wwe shaven, bar mitzvahs we ravin, tefillin on me talit on me13 now we goin crazy jews in paris , if you fools embarrassed, to be jewish then get out, cuz i am proud, am yisrael i scream it loud yeah yeah i scream it loud rep for my city yeah for me town, rep my city put it down jerusalem, you a bum, get a torah pick it up learn it now yeah we love it, jews we are brothers and cuzins yeah pray so hard and im rockin hot man i love those ashkenaz and they told me i go the hardest, cuz jeremiahh im sephardic she said moyshe could we get married at the motel, the are anniversary hilton hotel, because i heard they give discounts on techina and all i want is some shwarmma in the pita so pray hard that shit cray aint it yosef what she order chums my shwarmma getting cold, i want it now, eat so much i probably weigh 1000 lbs bougie girls ...
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