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Third Terrorist Attack at Sinai Border: 'Ansar Jerusalem' Blamed for Netanel Yahalomi's Death

Ever since the fall of Egypt's last president, Hosni Mubarak, Islamist terrorist groups of all stripes have been flocking to the lawless Sinai desert where security is no longer tight. That's created a new national security risk for Israel along its 225 kilometer border with Sinai. A security fence is rapidly being constructed, but terrorists have still managed to carry out 2 major attacks on Israeli targets this year and now they've succeeded in carrying out a third. A group of Israeli soldiers were ambushed as they brought water to African migrants who had been stopped from illegally crossing into Israel. 20 year old Netanel Yahalomi lost his life. The terrorists attacked his unit from a spot along the Sinai border where Israel's security fence remains unfinished ...the last stretch of the steel wire fence -- about 20 kilometers worth -- is supposed to be finished by December. Expressing his condolences to the Yahalomi family, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said the attack highlights how crucial it is to rapidly finishing the security fence. Israeli army officials say the quick response of its soldiers in the area thwarted what could have been a deadly large-scale attack... It was a female soldier -- a sniper -- who prevented that from happening. She shot down one of the terrorists, setting off the explosives he wore which helped stop his accomplices as well. Ansar Jerusalem - an Al-Qaeda inspired terrorist group in the Sinai - has claimed responsibility online for ...
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