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Benny Benassi - Love is gonna save us

Phaeleh - Think About It

Video Clips:

Greatest Proposal Reaction at the Chargers Game

Wikileaks leaked video of Civilians
killed in Baghdad - Full video

(ENTIRE FOOTAGE) Motorcyclist under burning car:
RESCUED by crowd of bystanders

Vietnam Napalm

Meet The Paralympians: Ellie Cole | Paralympics
2012 | Starts 30 August 2012

Shocking Cruelty to Elephants - Vanishing Giants

How to wake up a kid - ( Breed- Nirvana )

Getting morning love from the lions

H20 Distributing LIFESAVER Aid jerrycans in Malaysia

Swimming with Dolphins in Ocean(natural environment)

9/11: 2nd Plane Hit Collection

WTC 2 Einsturz.mp4

Poisoned Dog - Vergifteter Hund - Ukraine Kharkov

very violent footage war ! Zapping guerre18+
( Viet Nam, Bosnie, Tchetchenie, Irak, Libye, Syrie )

Dirty Little Secrets - China

Map Ta Phut Villagers Sick Of Thai Industrial Pollution

Jerrycans Bring Lifesaving Solution

Beslan School Massacre, Dramatic Scenes, 2004 [HD]

EnBW Offshore Windpark Baltic 1 -
Entstehung / Installation

Schlägerei im Ukrainischen Parlament 24.05.2012!

Amazing Team work construction

Car hits some cyclists in Porto Alegre

73 1970 Der Kniefall von Warschau

Czechoslovakia 1945 in Color

STALINGRAD - World War II in Colour -
Eastern Front Battlefield - Few Scenes

B24 Bomber Shot Down - Incredible
Footage, [Full Resolution]

World war II D-Day to VE-Day (Coloured footage) [1/5]

RARE WWII Kamikaze footage. IN COLOR.

Dokumentarfilm Konzentrationslager Dachau 1933-1945 teil 1

Showing Respect: Highway Stops For A Moment &
Show Love To Those Killed In The Holocaust!

Intro clips (without title due to description length restriction):

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