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The world is dancing to Israeli club music

Email TYP, recently signed with Universal Music, is popularizing 'this crazy mixture of East and West' that describes Israeli music. They may look like two average guys in a Tel Aviv park, but they're actually the hottest band in Israel today The Young Professionals (TYP). The group is putting Israeli club music on the world's dance floor. Says TVP's Ivri Lider: "The Israelis are this crazy mixture of East and West; that's what we're trying to be. We're not trying to be, 'Okay, we're from Israel but we've put aside everything Israeli and Middle Eastern because we want to be a part of Europe.' On the contrary, we say, 'Oh, we totally embrace everything we have here because it makes us interesting and a bit different.'" Universal Music seems to agree, having recently signed a three-album deal with TYP. "For us it's a giant step. It's a giant opportunity to really take our stuff forward," says Lider, speculating that the band is headed for global performances. "Now we're releasing in Europe and the US and we're so much in that moment I don't think any of us are thinking what's next." Please credit the MFA of the state of Israel for any use of this video. Visit the MFA's Social Media Channels: Facebook - Twitter - Find us on Instagram: @IsraelMFA & @StateOfIsrael
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