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The Quarrel

Rosh Hashana 1948. Chaim Kovler and Hersh Rasseyner were childhood friends in Bialystok, Poland, but have not seen each other in years when they were both twenty. Then, they became estranged for an argument they had on the issue of Judaism, specifically about leaving the yeshiva. Since, Chaim has become a Yiddish writer who has turned his back on the faith. Hersh has become an orthodox rabbi. By chance, they run into each other in a park in Montréal, where Hersh now lives and where New York based Chaim is visiting on a speaking engagement. Each believed the other had perished in the Holocaust. Initially, the two men forgive each other for the quarrel that has estranged them for all these years. But as they spend the better part of the afternoon together walking through the park and talking about their lives, they find that their individual views of Judaism have only strengthened over time, in large part because of the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of their respective families, including Chaim's wife. The question becomes whether their chance reunion will reunite them or tear them further apart emotionally.
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