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The Netherlands & Israel - An Exclusive Affair? 1/5 Crea Theater 14-03-2012

Relations between the Netherlands and Israel became even friendlier after the 2010 elections. This is striking, because the Dutch and the Israeli government already maintained a close relationship. What is the origin of this bond? What are its consequences and implications in the international sphere, especially on the the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its parties? How come the Dutch position differs so strongly from that of other European countries? Why have politicians in the past been silent on this issue, only to voice their concerns after their time in parliament? All these questions will be addressed by Han ten Broeke (VVD member of parliament and one of the main proponents behind the current move towards intensification of ties), Harry van Bommel (SP member of parliament, publically critical of the Israeli occupation and the Dutch government's position on it), Nabil Abuznaid (Head of the Palestinian delegation to the Netherlands) and Haim Divon (Ambassador of Israel to the Netherlands). There will be an opportunity to ask questions afterwards. In collaboration with the Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (FFIPP) The moderator is political journalist Leonard Ornstein, who has conducted a television interview for the 'Netwerk' news show with the Israeli Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak. For those who can not find all 5 parts here are the addresses:
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