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The Jewish Holocaust 1939 / 1945 - 6.000.000 Jews Murdered

The 6 million figure was in the New York Times in 1919 already ! Adolf Hitler was brought to power by The Jesuits and Knights of Malta (Vatican), carrying out Grandmaster of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry Albert Pike's agenda for ww2. The Jews were murdered because they refused to convert to Zionism and The Talmud. These were Inquisitions like only one institute in this world does this and alway's has done this. Those who are against Jesus Christ. In the end Protestant Germany has gotten the blame while The Vatican was behind it. Ra ra ra Stalin was brought to power by the same organizations killed (Starved) another 25.000.000 people in the Ukraine which is almost 4 times as much as the Jewish Holocaust , because they refused to convert to Communism , Communism that was founded by 33rd degree Pope serving Jew Karl Marx serving The Society of Jesus and The Fabian Society has also a lot to do with it. The Soviet Story - 1/6 Also Mao in China is a simular story , 60.000.000 people were starved there by Mao who also was brought to power by the same otrganizations. We almost never hear anything about these horrible holocausts in Russia and China Historian Reveals China's Great Famine Tragedies - 45 Million people lost their lives Albert Pike's WW1, WW2 & WW3 Israel - Palestine (Jesuit Controlled by Jean Pierre de Smet)
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