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The Consequences of Voting God Out of a Nation - Understanding the Times with Jan Markell

Understanding the Times with Jan Markell The Consequences of Voting God Out of a Nation Saturday, September 15, 2012 Jan's first guest is White House correspondent Bill Koenig. There are consequences when one entire political party rejects God and votes Him out of authority in America! Bill and Jan discuss that sorry state as well as general election issues. The Jewish vote could decide the 2012 election so which way will they go when one candidate is openly hostile to the Jewish state? Then Walid Shoebat joins Jan to discuss the National Security Five: Rep. Michele Bachmann and four others have sought to expose the Muslim Brotherhood and have paid a dear price for this. Yet the current administration welcomes the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House and has just authorized that they should receive $1.5 billion in aid. This aid will be turned against Israel and America. As we see the Middle East once again go up in flames, why are we supporting the terrorists who wish to kill us? For more info visit and Understanding The Times Radio with Jan Markell airs weekly. Please visit to hear the broadcast, and read more on understanding the times we live in. Also to hear the broadcast on ============================================= On behalf of Understanding the Times, we are thankful that you find our ministry content helpful in your daily walk as a believer. As you take this "mobile message" with you, know ...
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