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The Bowery Poetry Club Revival

Email The Bowery Poetry Club (BPC), where Poets are Born and the Poetry is Spoken, needs your assistance in a real way. With your help, our space will morph into a super restaurant that will provide a beautiful space for spoken word, poetry, slam as well as other arts of the Bowery: burlesque, vaudeville, and music. This is a unique concept for those who love a great show, great food and a great price. Combining our already incredible lineup of entertainment and arts for the community with a special dinning experience that would include a bar, cafe/restaurant and a remodeled performance space, we'll be aiming to become a central hub for poets, musicians, actors, as well as lovers and supporters of the arts in New York City. Our regularly scheduled programs includes: Urbana Poetry Slam (a three time National Poetry Slam Championship series), Wordshop, Segue, Page Meets Stage, American Sign Language Slam, Taylor Mead, Bowery Kids, Carmine Street Metrics, Sacapuntas, Rev Jen, Bowwow, Sticky, Symphonics Live, Dr. Sketchy, School of Burlesque, NYC Talent show and 60 more each month! The Bowery Poetry Club is a New York City poetry performance space founded by Bob Holman in 2002. Located at 308 Bowery, between Bleecker and Houston Streets in Manhattan's East Village, the BPC provides a home base for established and upcoming artists. "Events at Bowery Poetry Club feel less like staid literary readings than big, friendly parties replete with alcohol, conversation ...
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