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"The Blaster" - C. Steven Blue - Eugene Open Mic - 11/14/2012

Video by C. Steven Blue / Arrowcloud Press - C. Steven Blue performs "The Blaster" at the Eugene Poetry Open Mic, at the New Zone Gallery in Eugene, Oregon, on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 The Blaster You bathe in the depths of the sea As the Blaster plays his reverie. Deeper and deeper you go To escape the sound Of a drowning planet, Forever holding your breath. Great upheavals seem so near. Are you a dreamer? Is this your own world? You can't even remember How you got here But the changes you are experiencing Seem so real: The coolness of the water, The shortness of your breath, The tears you've cried forevermore In this never-ending death. Has the bringer Of false promises Finally stumbled? How many ideas With strong foundations Have crumbled? But no outward appearances Seem familiar here... Except for the sound Of the Blaster; 'Cause you remember where It's taken him, The music... That is his master. And the Blaster plays His disaster music: "Life After Apocalypse." The Blaster plays Disaster music: Life after time stood still. Sinking deeper... You try to hold fast To the truth. You think about what you would say If you could speak to this world: "Are you open to the unfamiliar? Don't you know That everything changes? The only thing that remains unchanged Is God! Myriad opportunities called you But the goal is beyond your grasp; For you have forgotten how to learn, And now the price of wisdom Is death and resurrection." Is this a dirty trick Someone ...
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