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The American Election, American Society and Israel

The United States is considered one of the most powerful nations and the election was watched with interest from all over the world. Obama retained his position as president for another term. American democracy is held up as a model to be aspired to and America "the land of the free", the nation where dreams can be realized. Today America is a very divided nation. There are those that treasure the freedom that America has offered, the lack of over regulation and interference by government. On the other hand there are those that support a move toward a more involved government, a more socialist country. These are willing to give up some freedom in order to have the government look after them and regulate society. The later would be generally the class that voted for Obama. This voter class seems to be skewed toward the younger generation. This could coincide with America's move away from God. As the nation has become more secular and has drifted away from family values and "In God we Trust"; a government who will take care of you and where you can place your trust, replaces trust in God. The divisions in the United States are sharp. People will not give up their freedoms very easily. If the economy takes another dive things could get ugly. Not only is America on a slide away from God, putting her trust in 'princes' like Obama instead; but it is clear that the once great nation is also on a slide of power and influence in the world at large. This is somewhat expected when ...
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