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The 40th Anniversary of the Leonard Davis Institute - Day 2 Seat 4

"Israel in Domestic & International Perspectives" An International Conference Celebrating The 40th Anniversary of the Leonard Davis Institute June 4-6, 2012 Panel 4: "Israel and the World Powers" Chair and discussant -- Uri Bialer, Hebrew University Kenneth Stein, Emory University, US-Israeli Relations 1947-2010: The View from Washington Guy Laron, Hebrew University, The Politics of Reconciliation & Intimidation: Israeli-Soviet Relations 1963-1977 Ziv Rubinovitz, Hebrew University, The Past is Present: Between Ideology and Political Realism -- The US-Israel Friction over Menachem Begin's Autonomy Plan and the Moratorium on Settlement Activity Stephan Stetter, University of Munich, EU--Israel Relations
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