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Tending creatures great and small

The Israeli Wildlife Hospital takes care of thousands of wounded birds -- not to mention reptiles, snakes and lizards. Reptiles, snakes and lizards -- and lots of birds -- are the most common patients at the Israeli Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Center at the Zoological Center of Tel Aviv, otherwise known as the Ramat Gan Safari. Dr. Yigal Horowitz says most of these creatures land in the hospital due to human carelessness or malice. Whether it's a heron with a broken wing, or a seagull whose leg got snared in a net, the hospital gives tender loving care to each animal it receives. The Israeli Nature and Parks Authority runs the facility jointly with the Safari. Downloads: Videos: Safari Hospital Streaming Narration - Safari Hospital Streaming NoNarration - Safari Hospital HiRes Narration - Safari Hospital HiRes NoNarration - Text: Safari Hospital INTRO - Safari Hospital SCRIPT - When using these videos, please credit the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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