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Taliban Sends Video of Deadly Camp Bastion Attack Prep: Army Uniforms Used, Prince Harry a Target

The Taliban has published a video which purportedly shows insurgents preparing for the attack on NATO's Camp Bastion which took place on September 14th in Afghanistan's Helmand province. A Taliban spokesman emailed the media with a link to the clip. The authenticity of the footage has not been verified and nothing in the video indicates when or where it was filmed. In one part, a man is shown standing by a white board while going through attack strategy with his fellow fighters. During the assault on Camp Bastion fifteen insurgents dressed up in US Army uniforms breached the base's perimeter fence, killing two Marines and destroying 6 fighter jets worth millions of dollars. All but one of the assailants was killed. Britain's Prince Harry is based at the camp and though he was unhurt in the attack, the Taliban has said that he is a chief target.
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