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Table for 15? Liliyot eateries train, employ at-risk teens

'People Food Soul' is the slogan for a unique Israeli social business that invests in young people with the hope of improving society. Many of the high school dropouts trained at Tel Aviv's gourmet Liliyot restaurant and bakery café ( go on to careers in food services. However, that is not the project's primary aim. Liliyot is a social business that seeks to empower young people starting out adult life with too many strikes against them. Rather than handouts, they gain tools for success in any profession: working with others; accepting authority and responsibility; completing assigned tasks; and arriving on time, clean and properly attired. Many of them have never before learned strategies for becoming useful, contributing citizens. In collaboration with ELEM ( a national non-profit rehabilitation organization for Israeli youth, the upscale restaurant and café provide up to 18 months of instruction, supervision and employment for 15 at-risk teens every year. Downloads: Video: - Liliyot Streaming: - Liliyot Streaming No Narration: - Liliyot Streaming HiRes: - Liliyot Streaming HiRes No Narration Documents: - Liliyot Streaming INTRO: - Liliyot Streaming SCRIPT: When using these videos, please credit the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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