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Syrians Upset by Media Focus on Muhammad Film: Syrian Activists Complain on Twitter, Facebook

Some Syrian anti-government activists have expressed frustration that the Muhammad video furore is taking attention away from their own escalating crisis, with attacks continuing and the death toll rising. Comments on some social media sites by opposition activists have said the protests over the video, and the ensuing international incidents, epitomize a focus on symbolic and religious issues versus a relative indifference over the real plights of many Syrians. Since anti-government protests broke out in March 2011, at least 27000 have been killed, according to estimates. With many Syrians taking to Twitter voicing their frustrations, others were going for the satirical route, with one even saying that "Syrian filmmakers should also make [a] film 'insulting' Prophet Mohammed if that would mobilize people in Egypt against the embassy of Syria in Cairo." Domary, a popular Syrian satirical Facebook page, even carried an ironic, comic poem about what many Syrians regard as a serious situation, which is seeing their plight go ignored.
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