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Syria conflict affects Golan Heights Druzes

Ramifications from the Syrian conflict are affecting not just Syrians, but also those on the Syrian-Israeli border. With around 30000 estimated to have been killed so far as the 18-month-plus conflict continues to wage, victims have been from many different nationalities and religions. Now, the population of nearly 20000 Syrian Druzes living in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights are becoming increasingly concerned for their safety. Taisser Maray, Syrian Druze in Golan Heights: "Every day we can see the Israeli soldiers patrolling the ceasefire line, and also sometimes we can hear that the fighting is taking place on the other side. We can hear the shooting in the Syrian side and the fighting that happens in the other side." Taisser Maray, one of an estimated 1-2.5 million Druze living all over the world, has already seen family torn apart due to conflict. Taisser Maray, Syrian Druze living in Golan Heights: "Since 1967, I was not able to see my brothers. After the occupation of the Golan Heights, my family was split or was divided. Part of my family stayed on the other side, because I had one brother, he was in the Syrian army, the other one had a business in Damascus, and the third he was studying at the university." The people of the village of Majdal Shams are particularly connected to Syria, with many of their homes overlooking Syrian territory. But not everyone there supports President Bashar al-Assad. Nder Ibrahim, Majdal Shams resident: "The first month when I come ...
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