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Sushi in Tel Aviv?

Yes, and it's reported to be as good as the sticky-ricerolls you can get in Tokyo or New York. You can find pretty much any type of cuisine in the fast-food and gourmet eateries of Tel Aviv these days -- from French to Ethiopian to American -- and now there are ever more restaurants offering the Japanese specialty, sushi, in kosher and non-kosher versions. Tel Aviv today has over 100 sushi restaurants, making it the third sushi capital of the world per capita, after New York and Tokyo. "I've been in Japan and New York, and I think the sushi here in Tel Aviv is as good, maybe even better," says one sushi restaurant patron. From the more classic fish and rice roll combinations to the more exotic (eel and cucumber, anyone?) it's all available in Israel's fashionable city by the beach. Downloads Video Hi Res - Streaming - Streaming No Narration - Docs Intro - Script - Please credit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel for any use of these videos.
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