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Super Smash Bros Match Request (Test)

Mario (Me) vs. Capt. Falcon Hyrule Castle 3 Stock High Item Frequency Items:Motion Bomb, Bob-Omb & Pokeball I'm Taking Super Smash Bros. Match Requests! Just Message Me Telling Me the Match and Your Request Should be Up in Within a Day or Two. Character: CPU's: Weapons: Weapon Frequency: Winning Method (Stock or Time): I Also Won't Go Over About 8 Minutes for a Single Match. Also Send About 2 or 3 Songs to be the Audio for the Matches (If Nothing is Suggested I Will Decide Myself) If This Goes Well I May Also Start Doing Other N64, Gameboy & DS Game/Video Requests! Music - Matisyahu, "Live Like a Warrior" from His CD "Spark Seeker"
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