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Subway advertisements provoke debate and arrests

Anti-jihad posters have recently popped up in subways in New York, Washington DC and San Francisco, sparking debate among subway passengers and religious groups and now, a New York Rabbi. The controversial advertisements equating Muslim radicals with 'savages' have already been on display for nearly a month in New York City's subway system and have sparked outcry, protest and vandalism. Rabbi Jill Jacobs: "I think very often the very inflammatory voices are the ones that get heard because those are the louder voices. We certainly support Israel but we don't think that supporting Israel means putting out hatred against our Muslim neighbors." Some posters use the word "savage" to describe those who do not support Israel, and were paid for by a group called the Freedom Defense Initiative spearheaded by Pamela Geller, a blogger and political known for her opposition to Muslim activities and causes in the United States. Mona Eltahawy, an Egyptian-American journalist, known for her stinging critiques of chauvinism in Arab countries, was recently arrested for vandalizing what she called the "racist" ads. Judges and other groups have come out to say that vandalism is not an appropriate way to make a political point in 21st century America. Baruch College professor Eric Gander: "The answer to speech that you don't like is not censorship of the speech like spray painting these posters. The answer to speech that you don't like is more speech." Following the Freedom Defense ...
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