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Study Abroad High School Semester Program in Israel with AMHSI

A Study Abroad program for international high school students at the agricultural oasis of Alexander Muss High School in Israel's brand new Negev campus located at the Eshel Hanassi Youth Village, just outside Bersheva. The 18-week semester program, offered in the Fall and Spring, provides students with opportunities to live and learn in Israel and to keep up with their home school classes at all levels, including AP and IB, while earning high school and college credit! AMHSI is the only non-denominational, English language academic experience in Israel for high school students that offers college credits. Especially designed to help students gain a broader view of the world and develop a deep appreciation of history, international relations, geography and literature, AMHSI students develop valuable new learning skills and perspectives that help throughout high school and prepare for college-level academic demands.The semester program offers students a deep and meaningful Israel experience. Highlights of the program include: *"Yam Le-Yam", a 4-day hike across the country from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee *Challenging desert hikes in the Negev *Sun and fun in Israel's southern resort of Eilat *Travel to Poland for an emotional voyage of discovery into the grandeur of pre-war Jewish Europe and the tragedy of the Holocaust *Engaging interaction with Israeli students *Student run farm and radio station *"Ulpan" - Hebrew classes For more information:
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