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Stephanie Shirley Talks Memoirs - JDOV

Firstly, I’m an experienced speaker and aim to inspire each audience. What do I mean by that? I aim to say some things that you haven’t heard before, get you laughing – and perhaps mopping a tear or so. And, of course, I speak always from personal experience.

Speaking chronologically, it starts as a Jewish story, a story of a five year old clutching the hand of her nine year old sister, travelling from Vienna on a Kindertransport to escape the Nazis in 1939. All that I am stems from that discontinuity in my life and the trauma remains with me 75 years on.

You will come, like me, to know that tomorrow is not going to be like today and certainly nothing like yesterday. You will come to understand how I eventually grew to welcome change – a good starting point for an entrepreneur.

If you listen to me, you will come to understand my patriotism and why I love this country with a passion only someone who had lost their human rights can feel.

My memoir is a page-turner because my life has been so full. 300 pages – with pictures from my personal collection – cover my four score years.

I’ve come close to death; dined with heads of state and discussed ideas with some of the greatest minds of our time. I’ve been let down by people yet know that people who could have taken advantage of me …. often didn’t.

My late son was autistic and was thus free from all guile. Vulnerable people bring out the best in most of us most of the time. But their constant demands can unmask our own weaknesses. My family life was devastated by his autism and I always speak honestly about that. Indeed, many readers have commented on how mine is an honest lifestory, warts and all.
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