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Stephane Hessel dies at 95

French resistance hero and Holocaust survivor Stephane Hessel, whose 2010 manifesto Time for Outrage sold millions of copies and inspired protest movements worldwide, has died at the age of 95. Hessel joined Charles de Gaulle in exile during World War II, was water boarded by the Nazis, escaped hanging in concentration camps and took part in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The career diplomat was already celebrated as one of the last living heroes of the 20th century when, as a nonagenarian, he became the unlikely godfather of youth protest movements such as "Occupy " and Spain's "Indignados". Al Jazeera's Bhanu Bhatnagar reports. Source, credit to Aljazeera- FAIR USE NOTICE: This video has been posted to further advance our understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, Technological, democratic, scientific, and social justice issues which constitutes a "fair use" of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107 for research and educational purposes.
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