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Simja Dujov Talks Parties - JDOV Talks

Parties are the place where we drink and laugh. Where we celebrate friendship. Where we listen to music and dance. Where we kiss a person for the first time. Parties are the perfect combination of Sacred and Shallow. And the DJ is the high priest of this lustful and holy experience.

As a genre-defying, cross-cultural musician and a massive party DJ, Simja Dujov pushes the limits of contemporary Jewish music. Defined by the press as ‘a real character’ in the Buenos Aires night scene, Simja blends klezmer, gypsy and world music with a strong Latin flavour. His music has travelled through the world, having been invited to perform in festivals in the US, Canada, France, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Belgium, and Spain among others, including SXSW and Oppi Koppi. Also a music, theater and radio producer and a festival curator (including the festivals “Urban Rosh Hashannah” and “Urban Pesach”), Simja presents a musical and inspirational talk on Parties as a Sacred Experience.
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