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Sean Connery, Daniel Craig are Hollywood Actors Most-Loved James Bond: Dr No Rerelease Coming

Emmy-nominated actors have declared their love for their favourite James Bond on the brink of the film series' 50th anniversary, with Sean Connery and Daniel Craig garnering most acclaim. The 5th of October marks the date of the rerelease of the first major Bond feature, "Dr. No," which first hit cinema in 1962. Actor Ben Feldman "Is Pierce (Brosnan) ... is that lame? Is that a good one?" Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus "Oh, I don't know. I think they're all great. I admire them. I love James Bond movies. But I love Sean (Connery) and I love Daniel Craig, because they're both sexy and macho without trying hard. They just exude it. And they're not beautiful men in the traditional sense. They're rough, and I love that." Actor Jon Cryer "I would go Sean Connery, because of the classics: 'Dr. No' and 'Goldfinger.' The Daniel Craig movies are very good, but they have yet to achieve the status of 'classic.' Actress Brenda Strong "That's a tough one, because there is no better Bond than Sean Connery. You just can't get sexier. His accent, whenever he said, 'Moneypenny," your knees buckled. But, I have to say, Daniel Craig, for a modern-day Bond, there's something about him that is so compelling. Not the normal prototype. But he carries it with such heat, that you just cannot watch it. So, it's a toss-up for me." The 50th anniversary celebrations will not feature Sean Connery, often cited as the most iconic and popular of all 007's, who, according to his publicist "is and remains ...
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