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Sarah Sherwood's GoFundMe Campaign - IV Treatment for Toxic Mold

Thank you for checking out my GoFundMe campaign video! I am raising funds for a targeted IV Treatment intended to treat Lyme disease and Toxic Mold disease. Please help me not only be released from this burden of disease, but unleashed into my God-designed purpose. Check out my story here: In the summer of 1995, I was a healthy and vivacious young woman with a bright future ahead of me. I loved the outdoors, and that summer spent a month in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains working on a ropes course at a camp for youth. I was studying radio, TV, and film and aspired to do work both behind the camera and in front of it, hoping this adventure would take me all over the world. I was an avid runner, spent some afternoons working with inner city kids, and most evenings with my nose in a textbook. My life was vibrant and full of potential. When I returned to university that Fall, I began to experience pain in my joints and in a few short months could barely walk. I saw many doctors and got zero answers, and a few misdiagnoses. My life had turned in a drastic new direction and I felt I'd been blind-sided by my new reality — constant and chronic pain, and the despair and disappointment that came with it. Faced with a debilitating disease, I felt as though my life was disintegrating. I began to lose hope. I could no longer do the things I enjoyed, and routine activities, like going grocery shopping, took all the energy I had for the entire day. While my friends were worrying ...
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