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Sabotage by Russian military dispatchers caused Polish President's plane crash

This is a liberal message from progressive politologist Armenak Nouridjanian about deliberate sabotage of late Polish President Leh Kaszinsky's plane TU-154 by Russian military dispatchers who made the plane careen to the left to assassinate pro-NATO Polish leader Kaszinsky. Smolensk airport dispatchers were likely to have attempted to assassinate Polish President Leh Kaszinsky, as he was considered unfriendly by Kremlin over his support of NATO'S deployment of anti-missile shield on Polish territory, according to Christian Science Monitor recent edition on the Net. Blue-uniformed Smolensk Russian military airport spokesman first mentioned the fact due to thick fog on the ground, Russian military dispatchers of Smolensk airport refused to guide the plane through landing. Instead, the Russian dispatchers ordered the plane to fly elsewhere, according to Russian state RTV station broadcast. I hope that Russian dispatchers, motivated by racism, will be brought to justice. I also hope that Ukranian military officers who ordered an anti-Semitic ground-to-air missile attack against Jewish Israeli immigrant plane that was killed in the air in the nineties, be prosecuted for massmurder out of anti-Semitic sentiment. Will the Hague Tribunal indict and prosecute Ukranian military anti-Semitic murderers? It remains unanswered so far. I also urge my viewers to buy my oil paintings from or call my cellular phone 213-448-0093 ( or home 323-735 ...
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