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This video was made at a Survivor's Summit in St. Petersburg, FL. It focuses on families that has lost loved ones to senseless violent crime and the reason the cases are not solved is because no one will tell what they know. They don't want to be considered a SNITCH! It is facilitated by Lisa Wheeler-Brown, who lost her son Cabretti Wheeler to senseless violence! Lisa launched a spirited campaign against the "no snitching" code and was instrumental in solving her son's murder case! Lisa is an Honorary Chair of the Florida Holocaust Museum Community Outreach Project, Speak Up Speak Now. This is a program that teaches kids about the effects of upstander, bystander, intolerance, universe of obligation, etc. Lisa speaks to the kids about the No Snitching Code. It's not SNITCHING, it's doing the RIGHT thing! You can contact Lisa at or at the FL Holocaust Museum at 727-820-0100, ask for Sandy.
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