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Runway Models Struggle in Global Recession: Russian Supermodel Natalia Bianciotto the Exception

Paris Fashion Week may have drawn some of the industry's richest and most glamorous stars, but behind the scenes most of the runway models say that Linda Evangelista's claim not to wake up for anything less than $10000 is far from being a reality and that they are feeling the pinch of the current global recession. Although there are success stories such as Russia's Natalia Bianciotto -- whose annual income is estimated at over USD 8 million - models and their agents say that cases such as this are rare, with fledgling models being payed only USD 400 on average for runways. Top Russian supermodel, Natalia Bianciotto "It's tougher because there's... girls have to work harder, there's less fun." Fledgling model, Devanie Joy it's apparent in everything that all the designers are doing, I mean, I'm not really wowed by a lot of the shows nowadays, you know, and we're not getting paid really well. And I mean, you can just tell by the attitude of older models that there's no budget anymore, they're not getting the perks and benefits that they used to." Editor-at-large for Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo, said that the current economic squeeze was forcing models to enlarge their field of work, with many seeking jobs in acting and presenting. Vogue Japan's editor-at-large, Anna Dello Russo "They just change their job, they got to do something else. Like for example, Coco Rocha, they're doing actress, you know they do something else around their modelling. The time is changed, it's ...
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