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Rise of Islam in Germany: 'Pro Germany' to Show 'Innocence of Muslims' in Berlin

Owing to labour migration in the 1960s and several waves of political refugees since the 1970s, Islam has become a visible religion in Germany - there are 4.3 million Muslims. After Protestants and Roman Catholics Muslims are the third largest religious group in the country. In Germany, fears of religious fundamentalism especially in relation to second and third generation Muslims, came into public attention after the New York terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and it has been reinforced by the current riots in the Muslim world over the controversial movie "Innocence of Muslims" alleged to insult Islam. A German fringe right-wing party has announced it intends to publically show in Berlin the controversial Mohammad film "Innocence of Muslims" in its full length. The Civil Movement Pro Germany has no political significance, yet the group regularly attracts attention with populist, anti-Muslim and xenophobic campaigns. There are currently several intensive disputes about the place of Islam in the German state and society. One sharply discussed topic is the traditional Muslim headscarf. As of 2007, some of the German states have introduced legislation banning headscarves for teachers. However, unlike in France, there are no laws against the wearing of headscarves by students. Most Muslims in Germany live in big cities. However, unlike in other European countries, sizeable Muslim communities exist in many rural regions, especially in the states of Baden Wuertemberg ...
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