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Revisiting Shalit Exchange Deal - One Year Later

In 2006, IDF soldier Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas from his military base in Southern Israel. For five years, he was held in captivity as the various Israeli governments attempted negotiations for his release. Exactly one year ago, on October 2011, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas in which Shalit was at last released in exchange for 1027 Palestinian prisoners, including hundreds with blood on their hands. One year later, we revisited that decision. Yossi Mendellevich, Israel Terror Victims Rep: "When Gilad was released and I was looking on the TV, I couldn't stop crying. I mean to see him make kind of a salute to Netanyahu or hugged by his father or by his mother. But it was not an easy day to see immediately after, that the footage of the murderers going back cheerfully, to Gaza or to the West Bank." Yossi Mendellevich is one of many families who lost their loved ones to terror. His son Yuval was murdered when a bus taking him home from school in Haifa was blown up by a terrorist from Hebron in 2003. Yossi Mendellevich, Israel Terror Victims Rep: "The suicide murderer was standing about one meter from him so he had no chance to survive. And all his beautiful body has been brutalized and torn into pieces and then burned, in that situation. The 4 convicted murderers of the group that killed Yuval, my son, have been released. They were so proud about it during the time in jail, they said soon they will be released and they ...
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