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Republican Mitt Romney Visits Israel on Presidential Campaign: Talks Iran, Syria with Netanyahu

The latest US election polls put Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney neck and neck with President Obama in the race for the White House. That may make Romney's visit here in Israel all the more important. In a tight election, swing states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, often determine the outcome and those are places where Jews live and vote. With polls showing President Obama has lost some of his support from Jewish voters, Romney is here to try to send a message that he would be a stronger and more loyal friend to the State of Israel. Romney began his visit at the Prime Minister's office, sitting down with Benjamin Netanyahu. The two first met in the 1970s when they both worked at the Boston Consulting Group. It was not until much later -- around 2006 -- that the two re-connected through politics. A top Romney aide told JN1 news the two have developed a strong friendship and see many issues eye to eye. His willingness to take a tougher stand on Iran than President Obama is the message Romney wants to send to US Jewish voters and tough? A senior Romney aide said that if Israel has to take action on its own against Iran, the governor would respect that. Supporting an Israeli strike on Iran stands in contrast to President Obama's reported attempts to dissuade Israel from any action... Netanyahu praised Romney's position on Iran... Netanyahu believes a credible threat of military action must be coupled with sanctions in order to stop Iran ...
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