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Report: Israel Wouldn't Warn U.S. Before Striking Iran

(Image source: Outrage Today)


Saber-rattling on both sides has international observers wondering if Israel is planning an attack on Iran. Whether that will actually happen is unclear. But if it does, the U.S. will not know in advance. Here’s KGO...

“An ominous warning from Israel today ratcheting up the tension between that country and Iran. Israeli officials say they will not notify the U.S. in advance if they decide to launch a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.”

Israel says its decision will prevent the U.S. from being held responsible for not stopping an attack. But a writer for political blog Truthdig thinks that won’t work, writing...

“…Iran would almost certainly see the U.S. as the major military sponsor of its attacker, whether Washington is tipped off or not.”

President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are set to meet next week. CBS spoke with officials off-the-record who are all saying pretty much the same thing...

“The Israelis may not have been quite so definite about this according to officials I spoke to, but nobody here denies that the mood leading up to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit next week is very tense.”

So are the Israelis taking things too far? A global affairs columnist writes in The Province...

“ … there is no arguing the question of whether Israelis are paranoid: You bet they are — and with good reason … To anyone wondering if Israelis are worrying too much, there is much evidence to show that is exactly what they should be doing.”

Meanwhile — Iran’s Foreign Minister called nuclear arms production a “great sin” speaking at the Conference for Disarmament in Geneva on Tuesday.
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