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Remembrance Day 2012 Vancouver - CHANGING OF THE GUARD & MAPLE LEAF FOREVER

Remembrance Day 2012 - Changing of the Guard & Maple Leaf Forever in Vancouver at the Cenotaph in Victoria Square on Nov 11, 2012. The Changing of the Guard by the Canadian regiment and cadets. The singing of 'Maple Leaf Forever' and 'God Save the Queen' as conducted by the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Band. Many soldiers and military personnel that took part in the Second World War (WWII) came to paid respect and tribute. [A Video by Ray Van Eng - ] Ray Van Eng is an award-winning photographer, screenwriter, Internet publisher and movie and video producer. One of his videos is currently on view at the Hava Nagila exhibit in The Museum of Jewish Heritage -- A Memorial to The Holocaust in Manhattan, New York from Sep 2012 -- May 2013.
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