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Remembering Lucy Baum

Released Yom HaShoah 2013 "Remembering Lucy Baum" is the story of Rosalie Schiff, the first speaker ever for March of Remembrance 2009 in Dallas. She has a nightly ritual of repeating the name of her sister.

The song was co-written with Walter Grund, the grandson of a Nazi officer, and Produced by Wendy Waldman, the famous daughter of Hungarian Jewish immigrants. On piano is the brilliant Polish Producer Pawel Bzim Zarecki, a Jewish man who lives in Warsaw. Together we remember the faceless millions whose story has never been told.

Proceeds from this song go to Helping Hand Coalition to care for survivors of the Shoah living out their final days in Israel.

You can get the song in all the usual places (iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, etc)

Or you can get it at this link for any size donation to support these precious people. Give generously, please.
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