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Real Dibbok Box Demon Story Paranormal Witness Possession

Join us January 26, 2013 for another LIVE episode of Do You Believe, Profiling the Unexplained with Host Norene Balovich and special guest, Jason Haxton owner of the Dibbuk Box. Jason will be telling his story and answering questions pertaining to his ownership, and the horrific paranormal events that occurred. The Dibbuk Box has been featured on SyFy's Paranormal Witness, and recently the subject of the movie, "The Possession". When: 6:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 pm Cst / 9:30 Eastern Where: Jason Haxton Biography The Dibbuk Box owner has been the director of a mid-size museum for the past 10 years. He has studied American antiques and ancient artifacts for the past 26 years, collected and researched Mayan pottery for his thesis in the humanities, and has lectured on art history, paranormal & ancient art for 6 years at a mid-size liberal arts university. He currently is working on his Doctorate in Education. Prior to his Museum work, he was a university administrator for over 10 years. He has recently worked on several projects with the Smithsonian Institute Museums, served as a researcher/benefactor with the state capitol of Missouri, and a lecturer with his state's arts council. He is a member of several local historical groups. He facilitates exhibits that have served almost 3-million visitors across the USA and travels frequent overseas with exhibits to Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, and England. He has received federal grants for curriculum ...
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